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  • Self Guided Cemetery Tours

    In conjunction with the Town of Perth Tourism, a wlaking tour of the Elmwood Cemetery is now available using Driftscape. View the map at and zoom into the Perth area. Click on the Perth symbol overlaying the cemetery and the tour will be shown. You can also download the Driftscape app to your mobile device and scan for the… read more

  • Natural Burials

    Elmwood is proceeding with its intention to open a natural burial area and, possibly, a scattering ground. Our bylaws and regulations updates were approved by our AGM and we are in the process of submitting them to the BAO for final approval. The next steps will be to create a detailed layout of the area and to do some landscaping… read more

  • 2022 AGM and Memorial Service

    Our AGM and Memorial Service were held on July 10 in ideal weather. The AGM was held at 2pm and all the motions were passed. We are now forwarding our revised bylaws and regulations to the Bereavement Authority of Ontario for final approval, which will allow us to proceed with the establishment of a natural burial area and a scattering… read more

  • Storm Damage – May 21, 2022

    The storm on Saturday felled two of our old trees which are blocking some of the roadways in the cemetery and toppled some monuments. In addition, 2 other trees were split and have left dangerous hanging branches. We have, therefore, locked the gates and stopped vehicles from entering until we are able to assess and correct the problems. The pedestrian… read more

  • 2022 AGM and Memorial Service

    UPDATED April 28, 2022 Our Memorial Service has been set for the second Sunday in July as usual, July 10, 2022. We are also holding our AGM which will present the reports for 2021 and we plan to approve some significant bylaw changes. More information on these changes are posted on this website under the AGM tab. Notice of the… read more

  • Genealogy Updates

    The Lot Registers have been updated to include several missing sections. The Interment Rights Holder list has been updated to the end of 2021.